Exuma Body Oil

Exuma Body Oil

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Exuma is a heavenly island in the tropics of the Bahamas. Like this warm summer tropical oil , it’s properties have a healing nature .Jojoba oil can be used ALL OVER to improve skin and hairs dryness as well as treat conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne . Sunflower Oil is perfect for treating inflammation of the skin as well as rough patches . It is also what gives this oil it’s velvet non-greasy feel . Sweet Almond works wonders for soothing itchy dry that tend to flake , it’s use is amazing on the skin or the scalp . Last but not least , Apricot Kernel Oil reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines .

This combination of oils is sure to give you a radiant glow that can’t be denied . Be prepared to receive compliments on your skin’s youthful glow as well the deep luxurious tropical fragrance that this oil provides . It’s simply heavenly . 

Ingredients : Jojoba Oil , Sweet Almond Oil , Apricot Kernel Oil , Sunflower Oil , Dried Flower Petals, and Fragrance